Candace has broken down the causation of all human behavior into 8 simple “pieces”. Using these “pieces” or “tools”, you will learn to reverse engineer human behavior, seeing the root cause of every moment of life. Gaining mastery with these tools, Candace guides clients to use the tools to create on their own.

What does this mean for your work? It means you’ll leave behind your ideas of how something “should” look. You will become the experiencer experiencing the experience. True human behavior will not come from you, it will come through you. The differences between you and the character you are playing, writing, or directing begin to meld, until there is no separation.

The result? You will earn the privilege to fully live the life of another in this lifetime, sharing with everyone in your audience the gift of the human experience. To truly transcend yourself and stand fully in another is so rare that we give awards to those who are willing to risk that journey.