Master the tools of success

Shatter the way you’ve learned to see the world. The Foundation Intensive is built to give you the ability to cause success. And we don’t call it an intensive for nothing… it’s intense! Over the course of 2 days, Candace walks clients through the equations on which all human behaviors are based. This up close and personal look into the the inner workings of human behavior is incredibly powerful, giving you total mastery over your ability to take your life to the next level. You’ll be shown the secrets behind how and why you make every decision you make, say everything you say, think everything you think, and feel everything you feel.

You’ll also learn the tools to alter those equations to create success. Turn every obstacle into opportunity. Turn your greatest weaknesses into your greatest strength. Failure doesn’t need to proceed success anymore! Skip straight to the front of the line and only operate from possibility.

A Brief Introduction

Major Gains

Create A New Paradigm

The Foundation Intensive will show you how to see your world and all of your own behavior in an entirely new way. When you develop the ability to see the same thing differently, you have the option to respond in ways you’ve never been able to. Open up a whole new window of possibility.

Get Really Clear

Where we put our time and attention is critical to success. Mastering the 8 Tools, you’ll be able to immediately see where unsuccessful situations are “out of order” and be able to create successful outcomes. Maximize your potential by cutting out what isn’t serving you.

Your Future Is Here

The keys to success are timeless. Shortcut years of learning by trial and error with the “Equation of Causation”. The content of your life may be constantly changing, but the context of why and how we are successful will always remain the same. Jump forward to now.

What People are saying about “What’s Possible”

  • I cannot explain the things I have taken away from this last three days but I can tell you my life is totally different now. I woke up today with a glow, ready for life and anything that comes my way. I have a greater understanding of the things happening around me, to me and because of me. Nick P

  • After seven years, I can look back now to see that I would not have been able to adopt three teenagers (when I was 21), get married to the man of my dreams (at 22), have a career working side-by-side with one of top producers in our industry, and continue to follow my passion as an actor, if I didn't have the tools that I learned studying with Candace. Brit B

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