• "I’m humbled by your dedication to watching your students learn and grow. When things get hard for me, I continuously watch you bow deeper in service­ to show me a new possibility. Thank you for showing me that a difficult moment can prove to be a rewarding one. As long as I hold still with out reacting to the pain. Thank you Candace Silvers. You inspire me to pay it forward." Arielle Kebbel, Actress, "Ballers", "UnREAL", "The Vampire Diaries", "90210″

  • "I will never forget the Candace-ism "What you see, you be!" Candace removes the crutches, the scaffolding, the net, the programming, the status quo and thrusts you headlong into the unknown; the exciting and the very risky present moment both in your acting and in your life. She’s a gypsy, guru savant – with Candace you will learn to "Leap before you look" – a proposition and life-plan that she lives authentically every day." Mark Feuerstein, Actor, "Royal Pains", "Defiance"

  • "Candace Silvers allowed me to step into things that seemed so far away… things not within my ability to have a current experience of… and eventually the road just opens up." Melinda Page Hamilton, Actress, “Mad Men”, “Rectify”, “Devious Maids”, “Desperate Housewives”

  • "I will say unequivocally, Candace Silvers is the best acting teacher I’ve ever seen and as a director that interested me. She’s got hold of something having to do with human behavior and that interested me as a writer as well. I can give her a scene that I’ve written that’s only a piece of a script she knows nothing about and she can extrapolate the entire story." Eileen Myers, Writer/Producer, “Masters of Sex”, “Big Love”, “Hung”

  • "Something that I’d like to say about Candace Silvers and that is that I trusted her. I trusted her with my talking about my personal life. She did something for me that I didn’t have at all in my life. She showed belief in me and that means more to me than probably she even knows." Brian Goodman, Actor/Director, “What Doesn’t Kill You”, “Last Castle”

  • "There are very few people who contribute anything at all when it comes to the teaching of acting techniques. What Candace has gotten a hold of is a very, very, good thing." Richard Dreyfuss, Academy Award Winning Actor

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