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About Candace

Candace Silvers has spent her life guiding thousands of clients to new levels of success both personally and professionally.

With a career spanning over 25 years, Candace has applied her behavioral insights to fields as diverse as business consulting, addiction recovery, parenting, and personal wellness. She is most well known for pioneering a new way of quantifying human behavior. Using equations of causation, Candace guides clients and companies to find where unconscious behavioral patterns are holding back growth, and alters them to create unprecedented success.

What are people saying about Candace?

  • Candace's ability to unlock human behavior is beyond anything else I've seen. It was like she taught me something I used to know before getting cynical. I've applied her tools in work, life, dating--always with unprecedented success. Sean C

  • Through her guidance and training, I have received the tools to deal with life, on life's terms. Sometimes her teaching is gentle and nurturing, other times it is bold and in your face. Rest assured it is always what is needed. Suze Q

  • I have been able to transform my life by following her guidance and teachings. I was someone who was lost and had no direction out. Today I can stand proudly and say that I have a successful job, good home, love my life, but more importantly I truly love who I am as a woman. Sara N


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